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Klaus Vanscheidt and the Mühlheim Big Band - "Wir sind die Stadt an der Ruhr"

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Klaus Vanscheidt - Interview 2017 by Leonie Lodenkämper

Cooperation with Guitarsupgrade

Klaus Vanscheidt is the new partner and endorser of Guitarsupgrade from Essen-Kettwig. The factory from the south of Essen developed not only useful guitar - supplies, but also the functionality of different tools for the guitar. The new Tremmory-system guaranteed a better acting and a "stay in tune" for guitars with different tremolo-systems, all based on the Floyd Rose-tremolosystem.

Guitars Upgrade - Tremmory System

Klaus Vanscheidt Rock`n` Roll Project

Klaus is currently working on his first band project as a singer, the "Rock'n'Roll Project", a 10-strong "Hard Rock Big Band".

Endorser of DSG Costum Guitars

Klaus is offiicial Endorser of  DSG Costum Guitars.

Endorser of Gallistrings

Klaus is offiicial Endorser of the company Gallistrings from Italy.

Endorser of Charvel Guitars

Klaus is official Endorser of Charvel Guitars.